About Us | Market Toyota Culemborg

Mission Statement

Market Toyota Culemborg is a leading Toyota dealer. We aim to exceed customer transportation needs and expectations by providing affordable motor vehicles and associated products of outstanding quality and exceptional service in the Cape Town market through a conveniently located dealership.

Market Toyota Culemborg recognizes that its return on funds employed and continued success is dependent on meeting our responsibilities to stakeholders. Our first responsibility is to have an obsession with customer satisfaction and in so doing provide products and services that will exceed customer expectations.

We feel personal responsibility towards fellow employees. As an equal opportunity employer we seek to create opportunities for personal growth and an improved quality of life. We are totally committed to honesty and integrity in all relationships with suppliers, customers and fellow employees.

Involvement in the community is recognized as a social responsibility and we aim to support projects that will contribute to its well-being.

Our Organisation

The business activities of Market Toyota Culemborg include:

  • The sale of new and used passenger and commercial vehicles
  • Servicing and repairing of vehicles
  • The distribution of parts and accessories
  • Financing of vehicles
  • A wide range of insurance and assurance products
  • Full maintenance leasing
  • Fleet management services

Market Toyota Culemborg is dedicated to servicing the motoring public and to building customer relations which endure far beyond the life of the vehicles we supply.

Community Involvement

Market Toyota Culemborg prides itself in being involved in various community projects and activities. The Knights program is a way in which the elite group of sales people can set the example by being involved with the community while still maintaining their high standard of customer satisfaction. Here we give you a description of some of our community projects and activities.

St Annes Home
We assist with fundraising responsibilities throughout the year.

Zerilda Primary
We assist with financial support for classrooms that have been vandalized or where general classroom facilities are not up to standard for a learning environment.


We are exceptionally proud about our efforts to run our business in an environmentally friendly way. Our efforts to ensure that we support environmentally friendly business practices range from matters as diverse as the planting of indigenous plants in our dealership garden areas to the safe handling, storage and disposal of waste material. In this regard we have achieved accreditation as a Toyota ECO certified dealership. What this means is that we have implemented stringent Eco-compliant and approved processes, procedures, and management systems to ensure that we:

Dispose of in an environmentally friendly way or recycle waste material in the business. For example substances such as drained oil and engine coolant, used oil filters, old batteries, old parts, cleaning rags, paper, wash bay water, and so on.

Use energy in an economical and environmentally friendly manner. For example we use energy efficient light bulbs and we have implemented awareness campaigns to ensure we use energy intensive equipment in the most economic manner as possible.

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